Who we are:

3rd Planet Yoga was born from a love for yoga & gratitude for our beautiful Earth. At 3rd Planet Yoga we know that nothing offers more profound support than the practice of Yoga. To celebrate this empowerment we have developed a line of top quality products that combines support for ourselves with support for the environment.

Our philosophy:

Yoga practice provides the tools to nurture a change in consciousness & make positive changes on every level. Even the smallest changes contribute to restoring the planets natural balance & thereby our own. Recycling and choosing Eco-friendly products is a natural extension of our yogic journey into wholeness: 3rd Planet Yoga is proud to share the journey.

A Super Combo of Mat/Towel/Strap to kick-start your practice!

Each Combo includes:

*1x Go-Eco Yoga Mat

*1x Go-Easy Mat Strap

*1x Go-Hot Yoga Towel

= R850

Order now at: go3rdplanet@gmail.com

3rd Planet Yoga is a proud supporter of CAMKIDS