Who we are:2018-09-25T13:22:15+00:00

3rd Planet Yoga was born from a love for yoga & gratitude for our wonderful planet – third in the solar system!
At 3rd Planet Yoga we know that nothing offers more profound support than the practice of Yoga.
To celebrate this empowerment we have developed a line of top quality products that combines support for ourselves with support for our environment.

Our philosophy2018-09-25T13:23:01+00:00

Yoga practice provides the tools to nurture a change in consciousness and make positive changes on every level.
Even the smallest changes contribute to restoring the Earth’s natural balance & thereby our own, and that of future generations. Recycling and choosing Eco-friendly products is a natural extension of our yogic journey into wholeness.

3rd Planet Yoga is super proud to share this journey.

Our return policy2018-09-28T09:45:25+00:00
  • We want you to be 100% happy!
  • You can return the product within 30 days provided it is unopened & unused.
  • Accordingly, we will offer a full refund/exchange.
Our payment options2018-09-25T13:26:54+00:00
  • We accept both cash & EFT transactions.
  • Sorry no credit card option!
Our shipping policy2018-09-25T12:22:15+00:00

We ship all around South Africa using our courier partner Fastway.
Please contact us for our cheap standard courier rates.
Don’t forget you can also collect directly from our office for free.

Why we use TPE2018-09-28T09:42:08+00:00
  • TPE stands for Thermo-Plastic Elastomer, a ground breaking non-porous material constructed from closed cell TPE technology.
  • This technology ensures that bacteria & odour can’t penetrate the mat surface, making it super easy to use & clean.
  • 100% recyclable & none toxic, TPE is also designed to decompose in landfills, leaving behind only water & biodegradable particles.
  • Add to that an exceptionally elastic, light weight durability, & it would be hard to find
  • better material for a yoga mat!
Clever ways to recycle your yoga mat2018-09-28T09:44:38+00:00
  • Use as a door mat for muddy shoes
  • Cut it up to make a mouse pad.
  • Use under house plants to protect your floor.
  • Keep in the car for spur of the moment picnics.
  • Use under kids play dough and messy art projects for easy clean up.
  • Place at the bottom of the bathtub so your kids don’t slip.
  • Use as a protective car seat liner for pet rides.
  • Use as a sleeping pad for your pet.
  • Use as a placemat for animal bowls.
  • Use it at outdoor sporting events for extra padding on benches/grass.
  • Place it under your sleeping bag as a sleeping pad while camping.
  • Place between your surfboard and car to protect both from abrasion.
  • Use as a knee pad to kneel on while gardening.
  • Cut to size and use as foot pads for the bottom of furniture.
  • Cut out palm-size jar grippers.
  • Place under a rug for traction.